レザープロダクト Connectica

Connectica is a unique conceptual brand and web platform.
We are a group of various leather artisans and designers
employing creative and novel leather product designs.

Connectica ; Unique innovation of the consumer products
through the use of leather materials and know-how.

U-co tote

U-Co Tote

U-cote is made by combining foil with goat leather and punching innumerable holes. It is surprisingly lightweight due to the use of single layered leather without lining.
You may carry it as a simple leather bag as it is, or you may individualize your bag through endless arrangements of badges, bag charms, ribbons, leather straps or rings etc to any position of the bag.
U-co tote’s playful design consists of a myriad of small holes allowing you to freely evolve your individuality and sensibility of the user. The pegs are a symbol of u-co totes potential and uniqueness.